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Steeping Cottages - Self Catering Holiday Cottage, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Ideally located for exploring the Lincolnshire Wolds, East coast and the Lincolnshire Fens

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Steeping Cottages Monksthorpe Chapel, near Great Steeping Hanger, RAF Spilsby All Saints Church, Great Steeping

All Saints Church, Great Steeping

The cottage is located on the edge of the small village of Great Steeping. The village has a School, Church, Methodist Chapel and Northcote Heavy Horse Centre.

Great Steeping was once located nearer to the river steeping, by after the village was destroyed by a great storm in the late 16 century, the villagers moved to its present location. The original village church, rebuilt in 1748 now stands separated from the village, down old church lane. The new All Saints Church was build it 1891.

The cottage is a modern bungalow built on the edge of the village close to the new church. The nearest pub is 2 miles and the nearest shops are in Spilsby three miles away.

Near to Great Steeping is the county house of Gunby Hall, built in 1700 by Sir William Massingberd, set in a 1500 acre estate the hall is now owned by the National Trust and its fine rooms and gardens are open to the public.

Gunby Hall Website, National Trust Website

Also on the estate is Monksthorpe Chapel in a small hamlet next to great steeping, the chapel was built in 1701 to look like a barn at a time when Baptists preaching in towns was not thought safe. . The chapel which has recently been restored has an outside baptistery and a hatch above the pulpit to allow the preacher to make a quick get away it needed.

Friends of Monksthorpe Chapel Website


On the edge of the village and just down the lane from the holiday cottage is the former World War II raf station, RAF Spilsby, the station was built in 1943, between Great Steeping and the hamlet of Monksthorpe, originally it was meant to be built in the grounds of Gunby Hall by Massinberg’s petition to the King and it was moved outside the estate boundary and instead called RAF Spilsby. Lincolnshire is know as bomber country, as during WWII there were 42 RAF stations in the county. During the war RAF Spilsby, was home to 207 and 44 squadrons who few Lancaster bombers.

The station was closed after the war and most of the sight is now used for agriculture, but parts of the runways, some buildings and one hanger remain. In 2001 a monument was built at Great Steeping, at the end of the lane from the holiday cottage, in memory of the men and women who served at the station

You can read more at the 207 sqn Association Website

Hanger, RAF Spilsby

Monksthorpe Chapel

View from the River Steeping Old Signpost, Great Steeping RAF Spilsby Memorial

RAF Spilsby

Gunby Hall and Estate